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 Hi I'm Maria but am known online has Manic Mea. Before I used that nickname I was known by other names which was Uggs, Meadevil and Stargatemanics. My site is manicmea.com which is mutli fandom where I archive other peoples stories and have got 2 short pieces of my own. Plus all videos and artwork I've made be warned though some work is for adults only and is very graphic.

I started out online just reading loads and loads of Stargate stuff and love slash stories so very much. I've been a huge fan of The Dead Zone since I stumbled across it one night in 2002. Channel 5 aired about 5 episodes and didn't show any more so I contacted them and asked if they would be showing any more episodes. To my surprise I actually got a reply back saying it was a test run and would be airing the rest of the episodes late at night and would be aired very soon.

I looked out for the series and watched them and found a forum online so joined. Which is on usa networks site. (which is still online doesn't look very active though) I started out reading which I still do and I made one wallpaper years ago when I didn't know how to use Photoshop and I've made a new one today. 

My favourite character has always been Johnny Smith so any stories where it's either Gen, Het or Slash I'll read them.

I used to do vidding which was for mainly Stargate stuff and I've had a go writing a story. Then tried to learn to make wallpapers and found I love making them so very much. I tend to switch between fandoms. I've been away from this fandom for at least 6 years and decided to watch an episode the other week. Which was fatal has you cannot just watch one episode that's so wrong. Well I ended up watching the whole series and now I'm re hooked on the series and cannot get enough of it.

So far I've read stories, watched fanvids on Youtube and now I want more! lol

I've only read about 2 chapters of the DZ book and would rather watch the film or the series. Maybe one day I'll actually sit down and read the book.

Here's the first wall I made years ago. Link
Here's one I made today. Link

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Title: O Fortune, variable as the moon
Author: [personal profile] scrollgirl
Fandom: The Dead Zone
Characters: Johnny Smith, Walt Bannerman, Sarah Bracknell, Bruce Lewis, Vera Smith, JJ Smith
Pairings: Johnny/Walt, Sarah/Bruce, past Johnny/Sarah
Words: 5600
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Another WIP amnesty fic. I have no plans to finish this, sorry.
Summary: The one bright spot in the tragicomedy that Johnny's life has become is that the two women he loves most in the world had each other to lean on after his accident. AU in which Vera Smith is still alive.

O Fortune, variable as the moon

I don't think anyone actually follows this comm, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post.
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So you're a Dead Zone fan? Glad to have you around! It's a long-term project of mine to participate in this particular fandom and keep encouraging fellow fans to speak up, chat, etc. Since it's been a while since I set up a community, I feel at loose ends creating a first post. But it only makes sense to do something of an introduction, right? So here's the place to do that!

You don't have to use the following form, but here's something optional:

<b>How do you participate in fandom?</b> (e.g. writer, artist, reader, theorist, etc. )
<b>Favorite DZ character? (Pairing?)</b>
<b>Favorite DZ episode?</b>
<b>Have you read the book or watched the original film?</b>
<b>Other fandoms:</b>
<b>Anything else?</b>

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