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Date: 2009-06-23 12:51 am (UTC)
enchanting_muse: bruce/johnny otp (BruceJohnny)
Name: Scifiroots. I'm using this account for all my fandom needs, though. =) (My profile has links to everywhere else I'm located.)
Website? EnchantingMuse.com is my domain, though I'm most up-to-date with my blogs.
How do you participate in fandom? Writer, vid'r, make graphics, occasional artist (not much has been shared online), and love to chat. Also maintain a DZ website and have contributed to the fanhistory wiki.
Favorite DZ character? (Pairing?) Bruce Lewis. I like everyone of the title cast (+ Stillson), however. Ultimate OTP is Bruce/Johnny *points to icon* I'm a firm believer that their friendship was the backbone of the series. (Yeah, I stopped watching s6 *sigh* Couldn't do it. Love Bruce and Walt too much)
Favorite DZ episode? Here There Be Monsters (LOVE), Shaman, Precipitate, Zion, The Storm, Shadows, Vanguard
Have you read the book or watched the original film? Nope to both. I have the book on my shelf, though. It's just that I'm awfully far behind in my reading in general.
Other fandoms: Almost too many to count! Constant favs include DZ, Firefly, CSI Las Vegas, and I'm pretty sure my current favorites - Eureka and Star Trek (XI and TOS) will be reoccurring as well.
Anything else? I prefer gen and slash in most of my fandoms, though I certainly have favorite het pairs too. =p I'm almost constantly active in fandom some way or another.

Ummm... that's all!
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